About ShedHelp:

ShedHelp is created as a resource for people who want to learn about building and maintaining garden sheds, backyard sheds, garages, small barns, and workshops.

The writers at ShedHelp have years of first-hand experience with the construction and maintenance of various-sized sheds and barns.  The content is created by:

James Morgan

James Morgan.  James is the Founder of ShedHelp. He has years of construction, building, and handyman experience, and as a longtime resident of a small hobby farm, owns and maintains six sheds ranging from large steel sheds to a small, century-old yard shed.  His writing comes from first-hand experience building and maintaining sheds, workshops, and small barns.  You will be hard-pressed to find a situation he has not encountered. James has been cited as an expert home improvement source by The Spruce, Univision, Wikihow, and other sources.

Lisa Bohler.  Lisa is a carpenter with years of experience in the shed-building industry. She has owned and operated a business that built sheds and other small structures, and has built numerous sheds on her property that she still maintains. Lisa provides guidance on everything from shed construction to maintenance, plumbing, and electrical considerations.

If you want to learn about sheds from people who have gained their knowledge by getting their hands dirty, you came to the right place!

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We may receive modest revenue from some products or brands featured or recommended on ShedHelp. However, we write our content before considering any affiliate or ads for an article, so our content is unbiased.

Giving Pledge:

ShedHelp donates 10% of any profits to Habitat for Humanity and similar organizations.  We feel it is fitting for a shed-focused website to give back in the form of shelter and housing.