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If you are reading this, you are probably looking to buy a storage shed. One brand that deserves your attention? Tuff Shed. Keep reading to get a full review of Tuff Shed and their styles of buildings!

What is Tuff Shed?

Tuff Shed was started in 1981.  The company originated in Rexburg, Idaho, and in 1986, Tom Saurey, the founder and CEO, moved the headquarters to Denver. Today, they have 42 sites that do factory-direct manufacturing and another 35 sites that make product sales.]

Anywhere you live, you probably see Tuff Shed locations and have access to Tuff Shed products, unless you happen to be in a particularly remote or low-population area.

What Building Styles are Offered by Tuff Shed?

Tuff Shed gives you all the shed options that you are probably looking for. I have to think their best seller is the shed, but they also sell studios, rec buildings, and small garages.  Three main styles of buildings are available. The most significant difference in the styles is the shape of the roof on the structure.

1. Barn style
2. Ranch-styles
3. Lean-tos

Tuff Shed also offers products with different quality ratings. The different quality ratings help them to sell their buildings at prices that fit your budget better.

  • Garden Series® — Good Quality
  • Premier Series® — Higher Quality
  • Premier Pro Series® — Highest Quality

Tuff Shed Options

Like many shed builders, Tuff Shed will provide options for your shed. Of course, assume that every option increases the price!

Each building style and quality ranking can be custom designed according to what you need. Some of the custom changes that can be made include:

  • Wall height — taller is obviously more expensive
  • Door Placement — and you can even have multiple doors
  • Windows and window placement — each window will add cost
  • Materials used on the roof and siding — the default is asphalt shingles, but you can upgrade to metal
  • The warranty length you desire

Is Tuff Shed a Good Option for DIY?

No. Tuff Shed does not offer a DIY kit. If anyone other than an Authorized Tuff Shed installer were to install the units, the warranty on workmanship and materials would be null and void. The components that create the shed require specialized skills, tools, and experience to use in assembling these buildings.

All sheds are constructed of pre-fabricated components and ready to be joined to create the specific building style, quality, and size you order. The manufacturer establishes a kit building and sends it with an Authorized Installer crew to be erected at the customer’s chosen location.

You may also purchase buildings that have been used as displays. When you buy a display model, it will be delivered to your location fully assembled.

How does Tuff Shed Compare with Other Stick-Built Sheds?

Tuff Sheds compare favorably against competitor buildings such as Heartland, Sheds Unlimited, Ace Hardware Sheds, Menards sheds, and Handy Home Sheds.

Tuff Shed outranks most competitors because:

  • Their products are offered in more than one material.
  • They use galvanized metal to create the building foundations.
  • The walls are framed on 16″ centers, and most other sheds are framed on 24″ centers.
  • There are more options, including vents, door style and placement, windows, and shutters for the windows.
  • Tuff Shed offers warranties on workmanship and materials that last up to 10 years, while their competitors offer shorter warranty lengths.
  • There are more locations across the United States than most of their competitors.
  • Buildings are built to the customer’s specifications.
  • Tuff Shed buildings are delivered, erected, leveled, and made ready for use by a team of professionals.

But there are a few areas where the competitors outrank Tuff Shed:

  • The total price of a Tuff Shed may be as much as 30% more than their competitor’s price.
  • They do not offer a DIY kit, and many of its competitors do.
  • If you REALLY need to customize the dimensions or features, you might be better off finding a carpenter over using a pre-built shed

Tuff Shed Costs

The cost of these sheds is competitive and often lower than most of their competitors’ buildings. The price of each building is determined by the building size, the materials you choose, the accessories you select, the quality rating you choose, and your location, among other factors. To obtain a price quote, contact a Tuff Shed authorized seller.

Here are a few examples:

  • A basic 6×9 ranch-style shed, with no windows, really bare-bones, is about $3,300
  • A taller 10×12 barn-style shed, with windows on 3 sides, is about $6,500
  • A 20×20 garage, with a large garage door and an exterior door, is about $17,500

This does not include the garage floor, mind you.  If you want to pour a concrete floor, you will need an estimate from another contractor.

Tuff Shed FAQs

Does Tuff Shed offer financing?

There is a financing and rent-to-own option, and as of this writing it is provided by RTO National.  They will do a credit check before approving the financing, but rent-to-own is done without a credit check.

Does Tuff Shed Offer a Floor?

Kind of. Tuff Shed has a floor system, tongue and groove, on its higher-end models. You can upgrade on lower-end models.  However, it is not a floor in the concrete or slab sense. It will work find for a garden shed, but we might not want to park a heavy lawn tractor on it.

Is Tuff Shed Good Quality?

Yeah, for the money, it is pretty good quality.  The materials are really whatever you choose, so if you spend up a bit, you should get a good shed. But the floor is a factor – if you want concrete, you will need to spend extra through your own contractor.

Is Tuff Shed owned by Home Depot?

No.  Tuff Shed is an independent company, but you will see them sold through Home Depot. It is Home Depot’s answer to competing with Costco and Menards sheds.

Tuff Shed buildings are high-quality structures that are long-lasting and dependable. They cost a little more than the competition, but they are worth the investment. Tuff Shed also offers the right financing options no matter what your credit looks like. They have excellent warranties, and they are a great choice for backyard storage sheds, workshops, garages, and more.

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  1. Do you think it’s more economical to hire a contractor to build a shed or buy a custom designed shed from Tuff Shed? Some people have told me Tuff Shed is way too expensive and that you can have the same shed built by a contractor for much less but I haven’t seen any concrete proof. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

    • I think it depends on what you are looking for. Tuff Shed can be a really good option but every modification adds up. At some point, if you have enough mods, you might be better off doing a custom built one.


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