How Do You Remove a Shed?

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Removing a shed from your property may feel like an uphill battle! How on earth do you get rid of it? Whether it’s unsightly, you want to replace with a newer shed, or you want to use that space for a garden, we’ll cover the best ways to remove the shed once and for all below!

How Do You Remove a Shed?

You have a few options when it comes to removing a shed.

Hire a Professional Demolition Crew

First, you can hire a professional to do it for you, especially if the shed is on its way out. Of course, this may cost you a bit of money, but it will save you quite a bit of time and effort.

shed demolition
Pros should have the right equipment

You will also have a higher likelihood of the job getting done quickly, and any good licensed contractor should have insurance (be sure you check).  Because removing a shed could be hazardous due to the weight and potential electrical hookups, insurance and know-how are important.

Sell the Shed, or Give it Away

On the other hand, if it’s still in good shape, it’s entirely possible to sell it or give it away to someone in your neighborhood or another business! You could ask around and see if anyone is interested, and making picking it up from your property part of the deal.  You would be surprised how many people are in the market for a hand-me-down structure, especially if it is free.

Moving the shed could require some specific equipment and know-how, and potentially an added cost if you hire a pro to be sure it gets done safely.

Dismantle the Shed Yourself

You can always dismantle or demolish the shed yourself, especially if it is a smaller shed.  This can save money, and perhaps there is wood from the shed that you would like to reclaim and reuse.  If you do this, be sure you understand all of the safety considerations.

  • Do you have the right equipment
  • Can you dismantle the shed in a safe way, where it will not injure you or a work partner?
  • Are you able to SAFELY disconnect any electrical or plumbing that runs to the shed?
  • Are you able to dispose of the materials when you are done?

Burn the Shed

Burning a shed is always an option too, but it obviously introduces a whole new set of safety concerns.  Can you burn it safely without starting surrounding vegetation or otherburn shed structures on fire?  Do you have the ability to control the fire if it gets more aggressive than planned?  Will your municipality require a permit?

Consider talking to your local fire department about doing a controlled burn.  They may be looking for a training session for their crew, and your shed could be the next thing they practice on.

How Do You Dismantle Wooden Sheds?

Let’s say you decide to DIY, and for the sake of this article I am going to assume you have all of the safety precautions and gear.

The method of dismantling or demolition might depend on if you intend to re-use the wood or not.  If yes, you need to make the shed takedown job slow and use as few cuts as possible.

After you’ve removed all of your items, shelves, and other structures out of the interior of your wooden shed, you will want to start with the support structure! You should take it apart bit by bit by using a power drill to remove the screws out of the 4×4 beam structure, or you can weaken one end of the shed by cutting into it just like felling a tree. Once the screws are out or you have designed an intentional weak spot with your saw, you can knock the wooden pallet walls out from the outside. This can be done with a tractor, sledgehammer, or other heavy object.  If you want to save the wood, you may want to safely do it by hand.

reclaimed shed wood
Dismantling by hand can be a good option if you want to use the wood again.

Once your wooden shed has fallen over, you can continue taking screws out of the frame.  Beware of nails!  They will probably be everywhere.

Next – what do you do with the wood? Well, if they’re in good condition, you can use them in other projects or sell/give them to others in your community. If not, you should be able to use it for firewood or bring it to the local landfill. Before burning it in your backyard though in a fire pit, always double check local laws regarding fires.

How Do You Remove Brick Sheds?

In most cases, you’re going to want a professional to knock down a brick shed. Without the equipment necessary and the know-how, you could make a mess or injure yourself. Plus, there’s also the time it takes to properly dismantle a brick shed. The bricks need to be removed one by one, and either properly disposed of or used elsewhere on your property. Many landfills do not take brick or concrete either.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shed Removal and Disposal

What Will Removal Companies Not Take From A Shed Removal?

In some cases, you may want removal companies to take some of the shed contents as well. However, some laws restrict what a shed removal company can or cannot take. Check your local laws, but there may be restrictions on asbestos, paint, pesticides, chemicals, freezers, electrical equipment, and more. In most instances, removal and demolition companies will only remove the shed, not things inside.

Do I Need to Provide an Outlet for the Removal Company?

No, in most cases removal companies will bring their own power supplies for their work. A glass of water or cookies though won’t go wrong!

What If My Shed is Full of Stuff?

You should take steps to remove your personal items, shelves, and any other items from your shed before you hire a professional removal company or attempt to knock down the shed yourself.

Do I Need a Permit to Remove a Shed?

You might.  Check with your city, county, or township office before starting any work.  The last thing you want is to begin the shed removal, only to be halted halfway through because you don’t have proper permits.

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